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What To Expect From Your Masseuse

A lot of people are excited at the initial thought of getting a massage
but when you really think deeper, you may get a bit nervous.
I know I was when I got mine.
You may be wondering if you need to take all of your clothes off and if the masseuse will be staring at your man or lady bits.
 Please rest assured that the focal point of any service is YOUR comfort and relaxation at all times.
Different Spas or Independent Masseuses may have their  own rules/regulations regarding nudity while getting a service.
We are all professionals and we are trained to deal with any and every body type. We do not discriminate and we aim to have you going home with only the best feelings and thoughts about your service.
For your attire, most persons may ask you to wear a swim suit (for men bathing trunks) or just your regular underwear. Again, it's all about you. If you prefer to go bare and your masseuse does not have a problem then that is A okay!
Even though you may opt to be bare, we will still drape you as we prepare the service. We don't want you to get cold so draping is standard procedure.

Here are some key things to remember though:
  • Before you visit your masseuse, prepare by taking a nice warm shower (or a cold one if it is summertime)
  • Ladies, if you have a  weave in or just have naturally long hair and you don't want it  in the way, a high ponytail is recommended.
  • Keep jewelery to a minimum.  No dangling earrings please.  You'll be provided with a locker so if you have them on, you may leave watches etc in these lockers.
  • This will be discussed in your consultation but please let the masseuse know if you have any cuts, bruises or swellings so that we can avoid those areas.
  • Do not be nervous. If you become uncomfortable at any time during your service, please let the masseuse know.
  • Expect to hear some creaking as we'll be stretching you a little.
  • Another thing that not a lot of people talk about is flatulence. It's common because in massaging, we are releasing toxins that are trapped in your bloodstream. Once released, they'll want to come out. If you need to let it out go ahead, we're all human.
  • Expect to want to pee after the massage is over. This again is the toxins wanting to get out.
Well, I don't want to overwhelm you so I'll stop here for now.

trinidadian relaxed girlFeel free to ask me questions or just leave your thoughts on the blog.
Thank you for your time!
... Namaste ...

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