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I'm SO Stressed

Have you ever been so stressed that you wanted to just break something? Have you ever looked at you baby crying and just sat there, staring at him? Have you ever just started crying for no apparent reason?

If you've said yes to any of these questions, you've probably felt like you reached your limit. You've peaked your stress threshold. It's okay, You're only human, no matter how awesome you are :)

Here, I'd Like to point out a few tips to keep your stress to a minimum. After all, not all of us can afford a massage every weekend, so here are a few helpful pointers:

  • Breathe. Take deep breaths if you feel as if you're getting overwhelmed in a situation. Slow deep breaths help to calm you and get you back to a level where you can face the world again.
  • Take a walk. Walking away from the issue may allow you some time to cool off. Even just taking a short walk on your break, before or after work is also fine.
  • Stretch. Try to make it a point of your duty to stretch daily. It's best to do so when you just wake up and before you go to bed.
  • Play Some Music. Without music, life would be pointless. With that said, do you need another reason?
  • Meditate. Just a few minutes of quiet time everyday. You could be a t work, school, anywhere. Just stop and clear your mind. Try to think of absolutely nothing. It's not as easy as it sounds but focus on your breathing and try it a little everyday until you get the hang of it. Meditation makes a world of difference.

I Hope These Tips were Helpful!


Be Good to Yourself


Take Care, Namaste